Small Business Benchmarks


ATO Benchmarks

ATO Small Business Benchmarks are key financial ratios developed from information provided by businesses on activity statements and tax returns that can help you compare your business performance against similar businesses in an industry.

The ATO use benchmarks to help them identify businesses that may be avoiding their tax obligations by not reporting some or all of their income. To do that, they use the benchmark considered to be the most accurate predictor of business turnover for each industry - the 'key benchmark ratio'. They highlight this benchmark for each industry to help businesses read more

We benchmark all our clients that fall with these industries.

2015 Business Benchmarks A-Z

2014 Business Benchmarks A-Z


Carpentry services 2012 - 2013 financial year

Benchmark ratiosAnnual turnover ratio
Income tax return $50000 - $100,000$110,000 - $400,000More than $400,000
Total expenses/turnover35% -53%57% - 73%80% -89%
Average total expenses44%65%85%
Labour/turnover 11% - 26%20% - 36%29% - 43%
Motor vehicle expenses/turnover8% - 12%4% -7%2% - 3%


Small Business Benchmarks