Budgeting & saving calculators

Budget planner – see where your money is going and how you can save more
Savings goals calculator – how to reach your savings goals and how long it will take to get there
Compound interest calculator – see how compound interest grows your savings faster
First home saver calculator – see whether a First Home Saver Account can boost your deposit
Income tax calculator – work out how much tax you are paying and what your marginal tax rate is

Money health calculators & unclaimed money search

Money health check – assess your financial health and get personalised tips for improving it
Your net worth calculator – weigh up your debts and assets to review your financial situation
Unclaimed money search – find out if you have any lost money from bank accounts, companies (shares and investments) and life insurance policies

Mortgage calculators

Mortgage calculator – see how much you could borrow and calculate your mortgage repayments
Mortgage switching calculator – find out if switching to another mortgage would save you money
Mortgage health check – check how well you are coping with your mortgage
Reverse mortgage calculator – how interest rate and house price changes can affect your equity

Loan, credit & debt calculators

Credit card calculator – find out how much you can save by paying off your credit card faster
Interest-free deal calculator – see how much you need to repay monthly to avoid interest
Payday loan calculator – find how much a payday loan will really cost you
Rent vs buy calculator – work out the cost of renting electrical goods or furniture (with a consumer lease) versus borrowing money to buy them
Personal loan calculator – see how much you could borrow and what your repayments would be
Financial counsellor online search – find a free counsellor to help solve your money problems

Super & retirement calculators

Superannuation calculator – find out how much super you’re likely to have when you retire
Super contributions optimiser – see how you can boost your super by making extra contributions
Super vs mortgage calculator – are you better off paying extra to your super or your mortgage?
Super co-contribution calculator – find out if a Government co-contribution can boost your super
Employer contributions calculator – how much should your employer be paying into your super?
Retirement planner – work out how you can boost your retirement income by taking action now
Super and pension age calculator – see when you can access super and apply for the pension
Account-based pension calculator – work out whether you can make your pension last longer

Investment calculators

Financial advisers register – check up on an adviser before you start getting advice
Managed funds fee calculator – find out how much your managed fund could be worth in the future
Margin loan calculator – learn how the amount you borrow can affect potential gains and losses