How do I change accountants - Here at ECA we take the stress out of the changing accountants process, no need to worry about contacting them or them contacting you.

Some things are easy:

For non business clients

There is no obligation for you or us to advise your accountant. However if you feel that they may contact you and you wish that they do not, we will inform them and stated that the client dose not want to be contacted in regard to this matter.

For business and SMSF clients

Once you accept our terms of engagement which outlines the services we provide and we discuss and agree to the associated costs of the service you require.

We will send your accountant an ethical letter, this is a standard professional clearance letter stating that you and/or your associated entities have engaged ECA to act as your accountant and tax agent. This letter can also out line your requirement to them in regard to this move. We will also request all documents, files and other relevant information to be courier to us.

We will keep you informed on the process and in the mean time if you are using our tax service will register you and your  associated entities on our tax agent lodgement program so future correspondence will be directed to either your address or ours.

This process doesn't take long and once completed we can start to enjoy a new working relationship, we're here to take out the hassle of changing accountants.

"We look forward to welcoming you to our firm"